Lefty Kenya Limited was established on the realization that there is little understanding and even less support for the left-handed in our society. We aim at dissolving the prejudices around left-handedness in order to:

  1. Give lefties the confidence and skills to approach their tasks in a safe, comfortable and effective way(s) to fulfill their potential.
  2. Educate the society and cultivate a more empathetic and accepting culture towards the left-handed.

Our approach to realizing the above objectives is through:

Training: sharing simple and useful strategies on ways to assist left-handers to maneuver their way in a right handed world.
Research: “information is power” Collect, collate and disseminate data to equip all in knowledge for and about left-handers.
Forums: Organize and participate in forums to discuss all issues left handed and deliberate on possible solutions to create collective power. Look out for us in various educative conferences and fairs across Kenya.

Partnerships and Membership.

PartnershipsWe welcome organizational and individual partnerships and volunteers to join us in championing change for left-handers in our country.

Memberships. We are members of the Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK)

We are very social and would love to hear from you. Email: info@leftykenya.org

Thank you for visiting our site.


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From the Team @Lefty Kenya