On this page, we share articles that prove useful in answering the many questions parents and guardians to left-handed children have on raising little lefties. Issues touching on Handwriting, Cutting, chores, sports etc. Click on the links to read the articles and on the source to go to the original homepage of the articles.

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  3. The Handedness Research Institute shares on teaching Left-handers to write. Read Article



Left-handed children are most likely to face frustrations as they develop their fine motor skills. They begin to notice that their hand orientation is different from most of the others in their circles and it becomes a real struggle whilst performing quite simple tasks. It is important at this stage, as parents and guardians, to help them to not only develop their skills in a safe and comfortable way but re-assure them to keep their self-confidence levels high. Remember to attain task efficiency, irrespective of handedness, repetition is key. Practice gentle, physical guidance and advocate for patience in learning new skills and encourage repetition as it will help with speed and accuracy of task completion. There are varied left handed products available for the little left-handers:

  • Left-handed scissors
  • Non-smudge pencils
  • Left Handed pencil sharpeners
  • Left handed rulers
  • Left handed books.

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