Knitting Left-Handed

We received requests from members to share how to knit left-handed.

Knitting requires the use of both hands equally, making it neither left nor right handed activity. This is due to the fact that two needles are involved and the knitting action is by both hands. Right handed people can use their left hand when knitting and left-handers can use their right hand in the same way. We share a tutorial on how to knit: Basics of left-handed knitting and one on preferred method when knitting left-handed i.e. Continental style of knitting.

The Basics of Left-Handed Knitting:



There are two main styles of knitting.

  1. The English Method where one holds the yarn in their right hand and “throwing” it over the needle to form the stitch.
  2. The Continental Method of knitting where the yarn is held in the left hand and the left index finger (and sometimes other fingers as well) is used to help the needle pick up the yarn and form a new stitch.

It is advisable to try the continental style first as a left-handed knitter but eventually, it is good if you practice out both and see which is a good fit for you. There are lots of tutorials and blogs that share on left-handed knitting and some of the work done by left-handed knitters.

In conclusion, left-handed knitting can be mastered. It has been done and YOU can also do it. Lots of good knitted products have come from left-handed knitters. The key thing is lots of practice and patience. Get Knitting & Have Fun!!